Topps Red Hot Rookie Redemptions #1 and #2

No sign of Strasburg yet. Today Topps announced their #2 for the Red Hot Rookie Redemption cards. I hope that Strasburg, Jackson, or Boesch is #9, because that is the other Rookie Redemption card I own right now.


Red Hot Rookie Redemption #2


Carlos Santana

Red Hot Rookie Redemption #1


My eBay auctions going on right now.

Here are some of my cards up for bid right now:

Stephen Strasburg RC 2010 Bowman Chrome BCP1 Nationals

Random Lots of 2010 Bowman Chrome:

Lot of 5 2010 Bowman Chrome cards BCP 16 102 50 83 75

Lot of 5 2010 Bowman Chrome cards BCP 7 24 38 64 102 NR

A few Bowman Expectation Cards:

2010 Bowman Expectations Stephen Strasburg #BE5 RC NR

2010 Bowman Expectations Mike Stanton / Ramirez BE3

2010 Bowman Expectations Jason Heyward /Jones Card BE17

Where do you think that the Strasburg Chrome will end? I hope over $25. Should I have done a package deal with the two Strasburg cards? I guess we’ll see.

Happy Fathers Day!

This is my 1st Fathers Day as a proud parent myself. I was woke up to the smell of french toast …. mmm mmm. After sleeping in a little while longer I went into town and picked out my Fathers Day present. My wife and child knew I wanted some cards, but I was able to pick out which ones I wanted. I decided to go with a 2010 Bowman blaster box,  2010 Bowman rack pack, another 3-ring binder with 100 sheets, and a pack of 2008 Donruss Elite.

I wish that I had a scanner so that I could show off great picks of my good cards. I will have to pick one up soon enough, but for now here are some pics from my camera.

2008 Donruss Elite – Waste of money. I did pull a Joba Chamberlein, but not really my thing.

2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition

2010 Bowman Rack Pack – Not too impressed with this pack either. I did get one Detroit Tigers Chrome and I got a Bryce Brentz card. The Bryce Brentz card alone was worth the pack to me. My son is named Bryce and I want to have a collection of Bryce cards for him for when he is grown up. I really wanted a Bryce Harper card, but this will work for sure.

2010 Bowman Rack pack. Bryce Harper?

2010 Bowman blaster box – Unwrapped the box and had a good feeling. Is this the box my Bryce Harper was going to come in? Is there a Strasburg? There are so many good Tigers’ rookies, but I need to get that Austin Jackson. I ended up getting a few great cards. Tigers Rc’s, but no Jackson 😦 Best card was a second Stephen Strasburg Chrome.  Also I opened a Orange J.A. Happ 116 / 250.

8 packs of 2010 Bowman. Top one had the Strasburg Chrome.

I have spent a fair amount of money on 2010 Bowman so far this season, but I have been fortunate so far. I have one Stephen Strasburg 1st Bowman card and 2 Strasburg Chromes. I have purchased a few blaster boxes for resale and almost doubled my money on those, so that has helped the recoup. Going to put some cards up for sale. Just doubles though as I am trying to complete the set for my Bryce Michael. The best Fathers Day present is him.

2010 All-Star ballot. Vote for the Tigers.

You have 25 votes. Use them wisely. Be sure to pick ALL Tigers. Vote here.

-Justin Verlander



-Brennan Boesch

-Austin Jackson


-Phil Coke

-Johnny Damon

-Brandon Inge

Okay maybe some are wishful thinking.

Who Will Be 2010 Rookie Of The Year. Brennan Boesch?

Could a Tiger get Rookie Of The Year honors this year? If so, which Tiger? Brennan Boesch or Austin Jackson? Those are two amazing prospects. Both came into this year as relative unknowns that would not be able to replace Curtis Granderson.

Boesch is amazing with a bat. He has almost 20 less games then Jason Heyward and is barely behind him in statistics, and Brennans’ fielding has been spot on as of late. He is my Tiger right now. Although it looks like Brandon Inge is 100% again. Boesch steps up to the plate to Eminem music, so he is my favorite.

The league has a lot of good rookies this year though.

The way that Strasburg has pitched so far and the hype surrounding him makes me think he will win on a landslide, but he is out there every 5th game while my man is out almost every game. That is my fight for Boesch.

Other candidates whose cards I am keeping an eye on:

Mike Stanton, Jason Heyward, Drew Storen,  Starlin Castro, and Carlos Santana.

Brennan Boesch

My R.O.T.Y. Brennan Boesch

Thank you Stephen Strasburg!

No. 1 overall draft pick

Baseball card collecting has been pretty dead until the recent attention brought back onto the hobby through the Stephen Strasburg 1/1 eBay auction. I can not see that card adding value, but it was priceless for the hobby. $16,400+ for one card? Do you know how many great vintage cards that could have been bought for that amount? I wonder if I could purchase every Detroit Tiger card made in the last 50 or so years for that amount? I may have to check on that one. Nothing I have to worry about until I get the 1/1 Bryce Harper next year in that 2011 Bowman.

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