Happy Fathers Day!

This is my 1st Fathers Day as a proud parent myself. I was woke up to the smell of french toast …. mmm mmm. After sleeping in a little while longer I went into town and picked out my Fathers Day present. My wife and child knew I wanted some cards, but I was able to pick out which ones I wanted. I decided to go with a 2010 Bowman blaster box,  2010 Bowman rack pack, another 3-ring binder with 100 sheets, and a pack of 2008 Donruss Elite.

I wish that I had a scanner so that I could show off great picks of my good cards. I will have to pick one up soon enough, but for now here are some pics from my camera.

2008 Donruss Elite – Waste of money. I did pull a Joba Chamberlein, but not really my thing.

2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition

2010 Bowman Rack Pack – Not too impressed with this pack either. I did get one Detroit Tigers Chrome and I got a Bryce Brentz card. The Bryce Brentz card alone was worth the pack to me. My son is named Bryce and I want to have a collection of Bryce cards for him for when he is grown up. I really wanted a Bryce Harper card, but this will work for sure.

2010 Bowman Rack pack. Bryce Harper?

2010 Bowman blaster box – Unwrapped the box and had a good feeling. Is this the box my Bryce Harper was going to come in? Is there a Strasburg? There are so many good Tigers’ rookies, but I need to get that Austin Jackson. I ended up getting a few great cards. Tigers Rc’s, but no Jackson 😦 Best card was a second Stephen Strasburg Chrome.  Also I opened a Orange J.A. Happ 116 / 250.

8 packs of 2010 Bowman. Top one had the Strasburg Chrome.

I have spent a fair amount of money on 2010 Bowman so far this season, but I have been fortunate so far. I have one Stephen Strasburg 1st Bowman card and 2 Strasburg Chromes. I have purchased a few blaster boxes for resale and almost doubled my money on those, so that has helped the recoup. Going to put some cards up for sale. Just doubles though as I am trying to complete the set for my Bryce Michael. The best Fathers Day present is him.


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