Detroit Tigers Fallout After The All-Star Break.

I just realized that one of my last posts before my break was suggesting people vote for some of the Tigers for the All-Star game. That only reminded me of our horrible downhill slide after the break. Especially for “my Tiger” Brennan Boesch. Man, that was hard to watch.  The losses were not tough to watch, and it would not have been that way without some key injuries, but it was tough to watch the Tigers not play as great as they can. Pre- Break they were so amazing to watch and that is how I remember my Tiger season, and I am VERY excited about next year. Yes we do need to get rid of a couple of the guys that I have loved rooting for, but it has to happen. Bonderman…gone. Inge….gone. Ordonez….gone.  Jackson & Boesch & Cabrera…. My D-Boys….stayin’! Or else I will be very pissed.

I liked all the youth and how well they played and I believe that if we keep them around we will be a great team next year!


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