My Personal Collection Of Tiger Prospects.

The way that Austin Jackson and Brennan Boesch screamed onto the scene was extremely awesome to watch this last season. Even though Boesch fell off they both had extremely good debut seasons and leaves me waiting for many more highlights and victories. Detroit usually has a good rookie every other year or so such as Rick Porcello, Justin Verlander, or even Cameron Maybin. But two at once? Now that was fun to watch and root for. I just hope that they stay in Detroit like Trammel and Whitaker. I think that the ’78 rookie class has me hyped up about these two.

Here are a few cards of theirs:


Boesch, Jackson, Porcello, and Coke Cards.


Can you tell that the cards didn’t quite fit on the scanner and so I made them fit?  😛

Those are a few of my favorite cards. I have doubles and triples of a few of them. I don’t love Phil Coke a whole bunch, but that X-Fractor card is very cool looking IMO.


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