Who is YOUR Detroit Tiger?


I do not know how teams market their players everywhere, but in Michigan if you like the Tigers you have to pick “your Tiger”. The player you choose then is given special abilities. Not only is he on the best team in the world, but he is your favorite player on your favorite team. Previous to 2010 Curtis Granderson was “my Tiger”. I never would have thought that he would have gotten even better when he went to New York. Man, he is a great ballplayer. We could use his bat instead of Jackson’s, but that is a whole new argument.


So my guy gets traded to the damn Yankees, and I need a new Tiger. Do I want Cabrera with the best bat in baseball? Magglio Ordonez? Nope cut his hair and is getting too old. I thought to myself “maybe I will just watch some of these rookies and see how the season goes.”


I liked Austin Jackson from the beginning, but he was too much like Granderson. Then I saw Scott Sizemore and he had a solid swing, but he wore some ugly yellow batting gloves. Then the heavens opened up and shined down upon a new kid wearing #26 ……Brennan Boesch! The first time he came up to bat Boesch hit a double on the very first pitch. I liked his swagger and decided he was “my Tiger”. It wasn’t many games after that when Boesch and Scott Sizemore both belted their first HR in the MLB in the same inning, and that was cool to witness. Boesch has had his ups and downs, but we are bonded now. Win, lose, or draw that is my guy.


Who is your Tiger?


Detroit Tigers Top 10 Prospects.

Here is a list compiled by www.baseballamerica.com. These are the guys that we should be watching for their cards to come out.

1. Jacob Turner, rhp
2. Casey Crosby, lhp
3. Austin Jackson, of
4. Andy Oliver, lhp
5. Daniel Schlereth, lhp
6. Alex Avila, c
7. Gustavo Nunez, ss
8. Wilkin Ramirez, of
9. Daniel Fields, ss
10. Scott Sizemore, 2b



My Favorite Detroit Tiger Rookie Class…1978


The reason the Tigers won in '84.


That is a badass batch of Rookie Cards right there.

Lance Parrish, Alan Trammell, Jack Morris, and Lou Whitaker.

Not to mention that they share those cards with Dale Murphy and Paul Molitor.

6 short years later we had the Bless You Boys and the World Series title. In my opinion this class set it all up. I hope that all of these prospects that were up and down last year are setting the D up for another championship.

I know that these guys were not all drafted in ’78, but I consider their Rookie year to be 1978.

Stephen Strasburg. The Hobby Hero? Or Villain??

He never officially wore a cape, but Strasburg was a hero of collectors everywhere. People rushed to hobby shops, eBay, and retail chains worldwide to get their hands on him. Some people did it for profit on his cards, others did it for profit by the box or by the case, but some people were reminded of when they were a kid and found their way back to the hobby. Therefore I believe Strasburg to be a hero, because this is one of the two main reasons I started to collect again myself. The other reason is my little man, Bryce Michael, and the fact that I want him to have the collection that I was never handed down. Nothing against my Dad or my childhood, but I always wished someone would have passed me down something of value. Baseball cards preferably but coins or comic books would have been sweet too. I didn’t just want them for the value. I know how much goes into collecting something, and I would love to share in that connection. Someday I am going to hand Bryce these cards and hopefully he will enjoy flipping through all of them. Maybe even not sell them all right away 🙂 Maybe even keep some of them and pass them on to my Grandson.

If he is anything like his Dada  he will prolly take a few cards out to a hobby shop (more like some sort of eShop) and sell them off so that he can take a girl out. By the way, in about 1996 a 1985 Topps Mark McGwire RC could be sold for the cost of a couple gallons of gas and enough to pay for some Big Boy and movie tickets 😛

1985 Topps Mark McGwire RC

So what does Strasburg mean to the sport now that he is injured and needs surgery? To the money hungry companies i.e. Topps it means everything, but to the everyday collector it is good news. Why? This summer the hobby went upside down. It was a great feeling! You had a great reason to rip open packs. Am I going to pull a Strasburg? A Bryce Harper? Am I going to keep or sell if and when I do pull? That was a question with everyday collectors. Do I want to make a profit? Or do it for the “love”? You could go to Wal-Mart and buy 10 blaster boxes and double your money. Turn $200 into $400 overnight, but only if you didn’t open up ALL the blasters that night before you logged on to eBay 🙂

2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg Auto

The only people who can justify making a villain out of Strasburg are the ones who wanted to make more money off the guy. I mean, you got your piece of the pie at everyone else expense, but now move on. Let me make a hero out of the guy and what he unknowingly did for my Son and I ( as long as my son likes cards when he grows up).


Detroit Tigers Fallout After The All-Star Break.

I just realized that one of my last posts before my break was suggesting people vote for some of the Tigers for the All-Star game. That only reminded me of our horrible downhill slide after the break. Especially for “my Tiger” Brennan Boesch. Man, that was hard to watch.  The losses were not tough to watch, and it would not have been that way without some key injuries, but it was tough to watch the Tigers not play as great as they can. Pre- Break they were so amazing to watch and that is how I remember my Tiger season, and I am VERY excited about next year. Yes we do need to get rid of a couple of the guys that I have loved rooting for, but it has to happen. Bonderman…gone. Inge….gone. Ordonez….gone.  Jackson & Boesch & Cabrera…. My D-Boys….stayin’! Or else I will be very pissed.

I liked all the youth and how well they played and I believe that if we keep them around we will be a great team next year!

2010 All-Star ballot. Vote for the Tigers.

You have 25 votes. Use them wisely. Be sure to pick ALL Tigers. Vote here.

-Justin Verlander



-Brennan Boesch

-Austin Jackson


-Phil Coke

-Johnny Damon

-Brandon Inge

Okay maybe some are wishful thinking.

Who Will Be 2010 Rookie Of The Year. Brennan Boesch?

Could a Tiger get Rookie Of The Year honors this year? If so, which Tiger? Brennan Boesch or Austin Jackson? Those are two amazing prospects. Both came into this year as relative unknowns that would not be able to replace Curtis Granderson.

Boesch is amazing with a bat. He has almost 20 less games then Jason Heyward and is barely behind him in statistics, and Brennans’ fielding has been spot on as of late. He is my Tiger right now. Although it looks like Brandon Inge is 100% again. Boesch steps up to the plate to Eminem music, so he is my favorite.

The league has a lot of good rookies this year though.

The way that Strasburg has pitched so far and the hype surrounding him makes me think he will win on a landslide, but he is out there every 5th game while my man is out almost every game. That is my fight for Boesch.

Other candidates whose cards I am keeping an eye on:

Mike Stanton, Jason Heyward, Drew Storen,  Starlin Castro, and Carlos Santana.

Brennan Boesch

My R.O.T.Y. Brennan Boesch

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