Brennan Boesch Addition: 2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie


I grew my PC by one card today. I bought a PSA 9 Brennan Boesch 2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie card on eBay. The price was under $6 delivered. Plus the seller only lives 40 minutes away in Lansing, MI. I didn’t even realize this until the card came the NEXT day. Very cool card. I realize that a PSA 9 is “pack fresh” but for $6 I am happy with it.


My Personal Collection


Now that I have made rules about collecting I have to decide what my own Personal Collection is going to be. I have decided that I can only have 5 categories. Plus an extra card for every year I was born, so 31 cards other than my main-PC.


Personal Collection Picks


1) Detroit Tigers *


2) Mike Stanton **


3) Bryce Brentz ***


4) USA cards ****


5) *****


* I am not going to keep every base card. My rules are pretty much no duplicates and no cheap base cards. I am not going to go out of my way to buy any Tiger cards but Brennan Boesch cards.


** Mike Stanton is going to be a beast. This is my prospecting for my PC. I am going to flip him one day.


*** Bryce Brentz is turning out way better than I thought he would. I started collecting him because I wanted Bryce Harper cards to keep for my son, but Harper was too expensive to collect.


**** I love USA cards. A lot of these cards are the very first time some of these phenoms hit cardboard. I decided to keep the USA as a PC because I can’t break them up into teams yet. Plus I like them.


***** I am going to leave #5 blank for now

Rules To Collecting Cards


I decided that my baseball card collecting has gotten to be a little extreme lately. I have too many cards. I need to unload all of these extra cards now, and make some extra space in my closet. My biggest problem collecting cards lately has been I do not have a very specific Personal Collection (PC). I would keep all Detroit Tigers base, insert, etc. Past and present players. If it had the Old English D then I kept it. Another issue was I started trying to become a “prospecter”. What I mean by “prospecting” is to do research on a player and buy their cards before they are in the Big League and then sell for way more than you bought them for. This is great fun, but I do not have the patience for it.


I decided that I was going to make a pact with myself. I am going to make some rules and stick to them. These rules are going to make it so that I can not keep EVERY card that catches my eye. There is not much money coming in when you do not sell the valuable cards. Now that I have my rules I should be able to have a more concentrated PC, and more cards going in and out. More cards for me to “play” with. I am 31-years old with a 1 year 8 month old son, so why do I love these cards so much? I am sure it has something to do with holding on to childhood, my hording issues, or maybe my OCD-type behavior that makes me constantly organize and re-organize these valuable pieces of cardboard. OK, so I have a FEW flaws. My wife still loves me, and I love her too. My love for her and my boy are what makes me make these rules.


Rules For Collecting Cards:


1) Pick 5 things to collect for your Personal Collection*


2) Only collect Baseball Cards (Unless in PC)**


3) Add one card that is not in PC for every year you were born ***


4) Every year I have to try and collect the Topps Series 1, 2, and Update sets and put them in a binder ****


5) Sell EVERYTHING that is not PC


*I decided on being able to collect 5 things, because it is a fair number.


** I am scared that I will start collecting Lions cards. I really like the Lions, so I am cutting myself off.


*** This is my excuse to be able to keep some of the cards that I am attached to. 1985 Cory Snyder USA card for example J


**** My son was born in 2010. I decided then that I want to have a collection that I can hand down to him. I realize that the plain Topps sets will be worth little, but we will have tons of fun collecting these cards and ripping packs together trying to complete a set. I sure hope Bryce likes cards as much as I do.

Boesch Auto and Jackson Chrome Refractor

I just received an envelope in the mail. It is a couple more cards off of eBay.

These two cards are 2010 Topps Chrome cards. Check ’em out:



Austin Jackson Refractor and Brennan Boesch Autograph


These two cards did not scan all that great, but they look nice in hand.

My Favorite Detroit Tiger Rookie Class…1978


The reason the Tigers won in '84.


That is a badass batch of Rookie Cards right there.

Lance Parrish, Alan Trammell, Jack Morris, and Lou Whitaker.

Not to mention that they share those cards with Dale Murphy and Paul Molitor.

6 short years later we had the Bless You Boys and the World Series title. In my opinion this class set it all up. I hope that all of these prospects that were up and down last year are setting the D up for another championship.

I know that these guys were not all drafted in ’78, but I consider their Rookie year to be 1978.

My Personal Collection Of Tiger Prospects.

The way that Austin Jackson and Brennan Boesch screamed onto the scene was extremely awesome to watch this last season. Even though Boesch fell off they both had extremely good debut seasons and leaves me waiting for many more highlights and victories. Detroit usually has a good rookie every other year or so such as Rick Porcello, Justin Verlander, or even Cameron Maybin. But two at once? Now that was fun to watch and root for. I just hope that they stay in Detroit like Trammel and Whitaker. I think that the ’78 rookie class has me hyped up about these two.

Here are a few cards of theirs:


Boesch, Jackson, Porcello, and Coke Cards.


Can you tell that the cards didn’t quite fit on the scanner and so I made them fit?  😛

Those are a few of my favorite cards. I have doubles and triples of a few of them. I don’t love Phil Coke a whole bunch, but that X-Fractor card is very cool looking IMO.

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