My eBay auctions going on right now.

Here are some of my cards up for bid right now:

Stephen Strasburg RC 2010 Bowman Chrome BCP1 Nationals

Random Lots of 2010 Bowman Chrome:

Lot of 5 2010 Bowman Chrome cards BCP 16 102 50 83 75

Lot of 5 2010 Bowman Chrome cards BCP 7 24 38 64 102 NR

A few Bowman Expectation Cards:

2010 Bowman Expectations Stephen Strasburg #BE5 RC NR

2010 Bowman Expectations Mike Stanton / Ramirez BE3

2010 Bowman Expectations Jason Heyward /Jones Card BE17

Where do you think that the Strasburg Chrome will end? I hope over $25. Should I have done a package deal with the two Strasburg cards? I guess we’ll see.

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