Brennan Boesch Addition: 2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie


I grew my PC by one card today. I bought a PSA 9 Brennan Boesch 2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie card on eBay. The price was under $6 delivered. Plus the seller only lives 40 minutes away in Lansing, MI. I didn’t even realize this until the card came the NEXT day. Very cool card. I realize that a PSA 9 is “pack fresh” but for $6 I am happy with it.


My Personal Collection


Now that I have made rules about collecting I have to decide what my own Personal Collection is going to be. I have decided that I can only have 5 categories. Plus an extra card for every year I was born, so 31 cards other than my main-PC.


Personal Collection Picks


1) Detroit Tigers *


2) Mike Stanton **


3) Bryce Brentz ***


4) USA cards ****


5) *****


* I am not going to keep every base card. My rules are pretty much no duplicates and no cheap base cards. I am not going to go out of my way to buy any Tiger cards but Brennan Boesch cards.


** Mike Stanton is going to be a beast. This is my prospecting for my PC. I am going to flip him one day.


*** Bryce Brentz is turning out way better than I thought he would. I started collecting him because I wanted Bryce Harper cards to keep for my son, but Harper was too expensive to collect.


**** I love USA cards. A lot of these cards are the very first time some of these phenoms hit cardboard. I decided to keep the USA as a PC because I can’t break them up into teams yet. Plus I like them.


***** I am going to leave #5 blank for now

Who is YOUR Detroit Tiger?


I do not know how teams market their players everywhere, but in Michigan if you like the Tigers you have to pick “your Tiger”. The player you choose then is given special abilities. Not only is he on the best team in the world, but he is your favorite player on your favorite team. Previous to 2010 Curtis Granderson was “my Tiger”. I never would have thought that he would have gotten even better when he went to New York. Man, he is a great ballplayer. We could use his bat instead of Jackson’s, but that is a whole new argument.


So my guy gets traded to the damn Yankees, and I need a new Tiger. Do I want Cabrera with the best bat in baseball? Magglio Ordonez? Nope cut his hair and is getting too old. I thought to myself “maybe I will just watch some of these rookies and see how the season goes.”


I liked Austin Jackson from the beginning, but he was too much like Granderson. Then I saw Scott Sizemore and he had a solid swing, but he wore some ugly yellow batting gloves. Then the heavens opened up and shined down upon a new kid wearing #26 ……Brennan Boesch! The first time he came up to bat Boesch hit a double on the very first pitch. I liked his swagger and decided he was “my Tiger”. It wasn’t many games after that when Boesch and Scott Sizemore both belted their first HR in the MLB in the same inning, and that was cool to witness. Boesch has had his ups and downs, but we are bonded now. Win, lose, or draw that is my guy.


Who is your Tiger?

Boesch Auto and Jackson Chrome Refractor

I just received an envelope in the mail. It is a couple more cards off of eBay.

These two cards are 2010 Topps Chrome cards. Check ’em out:



Austin Jackson Refractor and Brennan Boesch Autograph


These two cards did not scan all that great, but they look nice in hand.

My Personal Collection Of Tiger Prospects.

The way that Austin Jackson and Brennan Boesch screamed onto the scene was extremely awesome to watch this last season. Even though Boesch fell off they both had extremely good debut seasons and leaves me waiting for many more highlights and victories. Detroit usually has a good rookie every other year or so such as Rick Porcello, Justin Verlander, or even Cameron Maybin. But two at once? Now that was fun to watch and root for. I just hope that they stay in Detroit like Trammel and Whitaker. I think that the ’78 rookie class has me hyped up about these two.

Here are a few cards of theirs:


Boesch, Jackson, Porcello, and Coke Cards.


Can you tell that the cards didn’t quite fit on the scanner and so I made them fit?  😛

Those are a few of my favorite cards. I have doubles and triples of a few of them. I don’t love Phil Coke a whole bunch, but that X-Fractor card is very cool looking IMO.

Topps Red Hot Rookie Redemptions 3 – 10.

None of this is news to anybody, but before my sabbatical I intended to finish the RHRR line, so here it is.


2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie #3 Brennan Boesch



2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie #4 - Mike Stanton



2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie #5 - Starlin Castro



2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie #6 - Logan Morrison



2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie #7 - Domonic Brown



2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie #8 - Stephen Strasburg



2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie #9 - Mike Minor



2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie #10 - Brett Wallace (10% Autographed)


Who Will Be 2010 Rookie Of The Year. Brennan Boesch?

Could a Tiger get Rookie Of The Year honors this year? If so, which Tiger? Brennan Boesch or Austin Jackson? Those are two amazing prospects. Both came into this year as relative unknowns that would not be able to replace Curtis Granderson.

Boesch is amazing with a bat. He has almost 20 less games then Jason Heyward and is barely behind him in statistics, and Brennans’ fielding has been spot on as of late. He is my Tiger right now. Although it looks like Brandon Inge is 100% again. Boesch steps up to the plate to Eminem music, so he is my favorite.

The league has a lot of good rookies this year though.

The way that Strasburg has pitched so far and the hype surrounding him makes me think he will win on a landslide, but he is out there every 5th game while my man is out almost every game. That is my fight for Boesch.

Other candidates whose cards I am keeping an eye on:

Mike Stanton, Jason Heyward, Drew Storen,  Starlin Castro, and Carlos Santana.

Brennan Boesch

My R.O.T.Y. Brennan Boesch

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